Meet your Mentor

Set goals
& connect with mentors and peers
to help you achieve them.

Who is it for?

Software developers at all levels of experience.
Whether you are super experienced or just learning software development, Workals is for you.

Why should you join?

For Mentors
    Develop your leadership skills
    Gain a new or different perspective
    Improve the tech industry
For Mentees
    Set goals and strategies to achieve them
    Receive feedback on your ideas
    Expand your network

How does it work?

Finding mentors and peers is really easy.
Here are the 4 main steps:

Register and create your profile
Set and publish your goals
Browse & message mentors and peers
Start working on your goals

What if your Mentor
is not part of the community already?

We will invite them for you.

Once you register, you can give us their details and we will invite them to join.
Join as a Mentor
🙌 🎉🔥

Being a mentor is really a wonderful experience. If you would like to mentor someone but are unsure about where to start, Workals will provide you with the framework and tools needed to make it a success.

Once you join, you can browse potential mentees by their goals, or create a profile that will help them to find and message you.

Is it free?


It is free for mentors and mentees to connect.